WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS EMIMAR presents single-layer PVC&TPO waterproofing membranes, perfectly suitable for roofs of any type.
STEEL PROFILES Emimar SIA is an official representative of «Blachy Pruszyński» - uses metal from European manufacturers and offers a guarantee from 10 to 45 years on all kinds of advanced-technology products affordable to European customers..
SANDWICH PANELS Sandwich panels are used in the construction of various facilities—from industrial and office buildings to sports facilities. VENTILATED FACADES Today, rear-ventilated facades are amongst the most popular facade systems. In addition to their functional safety, architects chiefly value the design possibilities provided by the use of rear-ventilated facades.

EMIMAR delivers:

Wall and Roofing systems from leading manufacturers in Europe.

A sandwich panel with polyurethane consists of two colored steel sheets and polyurethane filling.

Sandwich panels with mineral woolbased on basalt fiber are one of the most common material for the construction of prefabricated buildings.

Sandwich panels with polystyrene foam (EPS)are one of the best insulating materials.


Sandwich panels

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